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Why Choose Blake Psychology?

We value being sweet

We value being sweet

Therapy is provided in a warm, supportive, and confidential atmosphere. We respect individual, cultural, religious, and sexual differences.

Discove -your Strengths with Blake Psychology

Focus on your strengths

Therapy is not only about reducing symptoms.  It’s about embracing your strengths, and being more fully present and engaged with life.

Feedback Enhances Blake Psychology

Feedback enhances relationships

We seek direct feedback to enhance our work together. By letting us know what you found helpful or less so, we can better meet your needs.

Personalized Therapy Approach

A personalized approach

We tailor scientifically-based interventions in a flexible manner to help you reach your goals, according to your values.

Cutting Edge Psychotherapy Services

Cutting-edge services

By regularly participating in continuing education activities, our psychological services are based on the latest research.

Success Stories

Read words of appreciation from clients who completed psychotherapy or counselling with us.

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